DCQ “Dérogations au Calendrier de Qualification”

Preparing document for DCQ.  What is DCQ?  It stands for “Dérogations au Calendrier de Qualification”, and is a special treatment for non European sailors to be exempted from qualification calendar. Number of slots for Mini Transat is around 80, number of sailors trying to join that in 2019 is over 100 though.  The slots are available on a first qualified, first… Read more →

Les sables Lesaçores has started

On June 22nd, 54 Mini6.50 have started Les sables race from Les Sables-d’Olonne to Azores islands. That race consists of 2 legs, outward and return, which is 1,270 miles each by single hand. Many sailors join this race who took part in MAP and Mini Fastnet. Sailers who would like to be qualified to Mini Transat have to gain experiences… Read more →

Finished Mini Fastnet successfully

Finished Mini Fastnet by 4days 5hours 35mins.  The result was 33rd out of 51.  I’m really pleased to be here and announce that I finished my race successfully, even though I feel bitter a little bit. I had many experiences and learned through the race such as how to control the boat with various winds from calm to 35 knots,… Read more →

Mini Fastnet is waiting for me!

Finished preparation, it’s perfect.  I’m really fine, feel so good. Mini Fastnet race starts on July 24th at 17:00.  Mini Fastnet is a rounding sailing race, starting from Duarnenez, crossing English channel, rounding Fastnet rock in Ireland, and coming back to France by 600 miles (1,100km).  That is my big milestone in my project.  Now I’m here. As I know, my goal… Read more →

Finished MAP2018

Finished MAP2018 with 43 hours sailing.  Result was 30th out of 47 in the class (number of finishers were 42).  That was really good experience and study for me to go next step, I have much room for improvement though.  I really enjoyed it.  My next one will be started on July 24th by 600 miles, by double hands. I’ve caught a… Read more →

Moved to Douarnenez

My first race in the mini 6.50 class begin on June 14th, which is 220 miles by single hand followed by 600 miles race by double hand 10 days after.  To be qualified to Mini Transat (Crossing Pacific Ocean race) in next year, all sailors are required to have experiences over 1,500 miles in races.  Obviously, the first one is… Read more →

Finished 24hours sailing exercise

Finished successfully 24hours (over-night) sailing from May 28th to May 29th.  This exercise is required to be qualified for joining the race of class Mini in next month.   Only 2 weeks are left until my debut race in France with POGO2.  Honestly to say, I’m still less experienced.  I have to brush up my skill as much as I… Read more →