Moved to Douarnenez

My first race in the mini 6.50 class begin on June 14th, which is 220 miles by single hand followed by 600 miles race by double hand 10 days after.  To be qualified to Mini Transat (Crossing Pacific Ocean race) in next year, all sailors are required to have experiences over 1,500 miles in races.  Obviously, the first one is important.

I succeeded to move to Douarnenez from Lorient, which is one of a city in Bretagne and I stay there as my base in France for challenge for Mini Transat, and have set my foundation of life.

I did everything I can for these 2 months after coming to France.  I was empowered, encouraged, and moved forward with cheering from my family and friends.  Now I’m here.  I feel luck is on my side.   Plan is perfect.  All I have to do is just do it!

I will pay my days for security check, purchasing items, considering routing and so on.  I’ll prepare well with taking care of my self.  I do my best!  Yeah!!


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