On the starting line of Mini Transat; Start MAP2018

My first race in Mini 6.50 starts today at 14:00!
To be honest, I didn’t sleep well a week ago because I was so full of anticipation.  Day by Day, nervous feeling was changed to eager anticipation.  Now I feel just exciting.  I didn’t feel relax ever before sailing out.  I know it comes from cheering from all my supporters.

Hiromi-san is a sailor who lives in Paris and sailed around Pacific Ocean in a whole lat year with her family.  She came here to support me such as translating of briefing and preparing for racing.

Mr. Hirai who is a chief editor of Bulkhead Magazine, a web magazine for sailors in Japan, visited me to shoot my phots and movies.    Actually he cleaned up my winch too, instead of me!

I really appreciate for them.  Thank you so much.

Now, I’m ready.  As Mini sailors have to leave their digital devises including mobiles because they are not allowed to be used during the races, I will post after finishing my race, provably on Saturday.  See you soon!

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