Mini Fastnet is waiting for me!

Finished preparation, it’s perfect.  I’m really fine, feel so good.

Mini Fastnet race starts on July 24th at 17:00.  Mini Fastnet is a rounding sailing race, starting from Duarnenez, crossing English channel, rounding Fastnet rock in Ireland, and coming back to France by 600 miles (1,100km).  That is my big milestone in my project.  Now I’m here.

As I know, my goal is finising Mini Transat (crossing Pacific ocean) in next year successfully.  Finishing this race is required to me to be qualified to Mini Transat.  I dream to get good result this time, but, I will focus on finishing safely, not aggressively.

According to the weather forecast, I will finish on July 29th p.m..  Though I have limited access to camera because I have to leave my mobile phone to race committees, I will report my race after finishing it.   See you!

*You can find us “470 LENDUR” as below;

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