Finished Mini Fastnet successfully

Finished Mini Fastnet by 4days 5hours 35mins.  The result was 33rd out of 51.  I’m really pleased to be here and announce that I finished my race successfully, even though I feel bitter a little bit.

I had many experiences and learned through the race such as how to control the boat with various winds from calm to 35 knots, how to build tactics in the middle of strong current, how to keep sailing even though I felt tired out.

I’ll drive my boat from here Duarnenez, the start point and goal of the race, to Lorient, a town I stay as my base.  After come back to Lorient, maintain and tidy up my boat and make a plan for next year with my coach.

My first stage of challenge to Mini Transat was closed.  I will sail with my boat in April 2018, that means  I don’t sail with my boat so long.  But I know there are many things to do on my list still even though after I go back to Japan;  learning weather or sea maps, gathering all equipments listed, and maintain and training my body up!

I can see my way to Mini Transat.  It takes time, but I will.


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