Les sables Lesaçores has started

On June 22nd, 54 Mini6.50 have started Les sables race from Les Sables-d’Olonne to Azores islands. That race consists of 2 legs, outward and return, which is 1,270 miles each by single hand. Many sailors join this race who took part in MAP and Mini Fastnet. Sailers who would like to be qualified to Mini Transat have to gain experiences of over 1,500 miles. Some of them do MAP, Mini Fastnet, and Les sables in a row to get the qualification called “Rush work”.

I didn’t join the race this time because I didn’t imagine that I was skilled to sail such long race in this year. I thought I need more time. But now, I feel I might worry about it too much.

Class Mini association which handles races crossing Pacific Ocean so long is matured and they supports sailors so well. They support beginners too. They have a briefing for rookies before MAP race. The order of races are well structured so that sailors including rookies can blush up their skills by taking part in the races step by step.

After the Mini Fastnet, other sailors recommended me to join Les sables consecutively. I didn’t join the race according to my original plan, but I felt really happy that I could imagine my race at that time even I hadn’t imagined my race before.

I do progress my project with my own pace, but feel jealous them. I wanna sail!

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