DCQ “Dérogations au Calendrier de Qualification”

Preparing document for DCQ.  What is DCQ?  It stands for “Dérogations au Calendrier de Qualification”, and is a special treatment for non European sailors to be exempted from qualification calendar.

Number of slots for Mini Transat is around 80, number of sailors trying to join that in 2019 is over 100 though.  The slots are available on a first qualified, first served basis.  Non Europeans’ staying is limited by Schengen Agreement so that Class mini association has such treatment for them.  It shows the association and other Mini sailors are welcoming sailors from abroad.  Actually I felt their warm welcoming many times.  6 slots are available for sailors with DCQ.  Hope to be nominated to the list.

*Qualification for Mini Transats are as following;
experiences of races by 1,500 miles in total with the boat which will be used for Mini Transat, non stop sailing by 1,000 miles by single hand, getting certification of safety training and radio communications.

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