About me

Masa Suzuki


Born in August 1985, 34 years old.

6 years old, sailing begins with the influence of parents.
I feel the charm of sailing ocean sailing by cruising with my father.
During student, mainly on dinghy, won the National Sports Festival, All Japan Inter College.
Since graduating from college, I actively participate in the race at the keel boat.
Began Moth class starting in 2011. Japan Nationals second place winner. I participated in the world championship.
We launched FLATWATER in 2016 and started various activities at Seascape 18.
At the same time I wake up to the charm of adventure, invite a lot of guests and feel the charm of sailing.
I got AirBnb Experience highest rating of reviews.
In 2018, we started challente to Mini transat that I had dreamed of.