Mini Transat is a yacht race crossing the Atlantic with a Mini 6.5 class sailing boat.
The Mini 6.5 class is a small offshore sailing boat with a box rule of 6.5 m in length and 3 m in width. In Mini Transat, we run 4,400 miles by single handed.

Mini Transat is a historic yacht race that lasts more than 40 years and is held once every two years. The next event is held in October 2019.  Mini Transat is said as a great gateway to the ocean racing so that many sailors desire to take part in it.  Entries are only allowed for athletes who have cleared the strict qualification.  Please see “Qualify” for details.

While information technology has been improved, satellite communication etc. are prohibited at Mini Transat. Navigation using GPS (Coordinate display only) and paper chart during race, weather information is only received as short wave radio and required to create weather chart by handwriting. This is to reduce the cost of participation and also to train the foundation of ocean sailing through the race.

Participation from Japan was the first time for Mr. Iwanaji in 1999 and is the second challenge for the Japanese.