Started training of Sailing

One week has passed from my start of sailing training.  I lean and lean about sailing with POGO2 everyday.  Ex-owner Noel visited me all the way from England to practice with me for the coming race in next month!  I’m planning to have an exercise of 24 hours sailing by single hand in next week.  I go forward step by… Read more →

days for maintaining

A week has passed in France. Had a busy week for maintaining my boat.  Finally, I finished all my tasks given by my coach, Estelle, who is a sailor joined last Mini Transat with POGO2 which is same type boat as mine.   All what she told is reliable and every time open my eyes. I will start my training on… Read more →

[Staff] Started Instagram Account

HI, I’m Nori, staff of Masa’s project.  We started Instagram Account for Masa Suzuki’s Mini Transat 2019 challenge.  It will be posted by staff. Masa is fine in France but he is too busy to post to SNS or this site frequently.  As you expect, he does many things there and it is very exciting time.  We think it… Read more →

Back to France

I’ve finished preparation in Japan and move to France, will train 2 months. In the first half of my staying in France, I will maintain my boat and do train, train, and train to improve my sailing skill for Mini6.50 specified. Luckily, a Sailer who finished Mini transat 2017 will coach me. In the latter half of my staying, it… Read more →

Temporary return to Japan

I’m in Japan for a short time until May 12. During my staying in Japan, I’m keeping for preparing. Full of items are there on my task list such as ordering custom made parts, purchasing products at 100 JPY shop, and leaning French! I saw my friends and supporters and received many supportive and encouraging comments. To be honest, I’m… Read more →

Seascape Challenge closed

We finished short course (70 miles) in Seascape Challenge this year. We faced hard situation, but successed to finish. It was good weather in this year, warmer than usually, was fine and had good wind during race. I go back to Japan once to do some preparations. After I come back to France, my second phase will be started and… Read more →

Arrived in Croatia

I’m in Murter island in Croatia to take part in Seascape Challenge which is a sailing race with “Seascape” in Adriatic Sea. It will start at 9:00 am (it is 4:00 pm in Japan). I will join that race with my customer and Seascape24 (24ft. long boat) for 140 miles distance. Weather forecast said we have good wind today but… Read more →

Learned so much to defend myself

All sailors who would like to take part in Mini Transat are required to complete indicated races beforehand. On the premise that take part in those races, we sailors have to be certified with many options. I took some required training for ocean races in this weekend in GB. Studied hard through 3 days! It was really good opportunity for… Read more →

A busy week

I have been busy this week because I had many things to do such as test sailing, maintenance, and moving my boat to other port. But I keep good condition and feel really happy to prepare for my challenge. I will move to England in this weekend to take some skill training. Ocean race sailors are required to be certified… Read more →

Signed up!

Thank you for your cheerful messages to me here and on facebook! I’m really moved that I found so many supportive ones. I’ve sign up the agreement in the last weekend. After that, I had the first sailing in France. It was great time. Though there were some parts should be fixed, not serious ones. I will fix them one… Read more →