In the Class Mini Association, the categories are divided into A to D according to the number of mile of the race.

Category A … more than 1,000 miles of race
Category B … more than 300 miles of race
Category C … Less than 300 miles
Category D … Day events
In order to participate in each category race, the necessary condition must be cleared. The main conditions (qualify) of Category A to which Mini Transat is applicable are as follows.

  • Attend World Sailing Sea Survival
  • Senior First AID attendance
  • VHF license (1st class maritime special radio technician)
  • A total of more than 1,500 miles experience in the race held by the Class Mini Association
  • Single hand sailing of the practice course (1,000 mile) designated by the Class Mini Association

The sailor who satisfies the above conditions successively acquires the right to participate in Mini Transit. It is a big step in the qualification, especially to clear the two red’s qualification.

In Europe, the class mini association race will be held about 15 times a year. Among them, it is about 6 races in France (Atlantic side). (100 – 500 miles)
In accordance with the progress of qualifiers, we aim to accumulate experience aiming at a total of more than 1,500 miles.

Approximately 10 days 1,000 miles Single portless sailing will experience navigation, practicing shipboard life and meteorological analysis as practiced.

Mini Transat is only allowed to enter Sailor who cleared these many conditions (experience), but this is a big step to raise the experience value as a sailor as well as safety.